Wind Age, Wolf Age

by Vørgum

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lkaervek Awesome heathen black metal from VA. Favorite track: An Oath Sworn Upon Ullr's Ring.


Our first full length, released in 2012


released July 24, 2012

Guitar, bass, vocals - Casey Williams
Guitar, all programming, recording, and vocals - Matt Thyssen



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Vørgum Chesapeake, Virginia

Vørgum- meaning Vargs or wolves in the Faroese tongue.
Founded in 2009, Vørgum is a heathen black metal trio from Chesapeake, Vinland.

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Track Name: The Binding of Gleipnir
The gods had failed with Iron; again they failed with brass.
The wolf had broken free of every chain the Aesir had.
He got loose out of Laeding, and Droma snapped in half,
Fenrir destroyed every fetter by the might of his wrath.
.. ..
Gleipnir, at last,
Was by dark elves cast,
In Svartalfaheim, with strong spells wrought
Unto Odin was by Skirnir brought.
.. ..
Soft as silk, as light as air, filled with magic power rare,
Stronger than the wolf could know, yet smoother than the finest hair.
Bind the wolf unto the stone and run the chain through the boulder Gjoll
Where he shall stay to writhe in pain until the day of Ragnarok

..(Fenrir) "This fetter seems so frail and weak, what glory lies in its defeat?..
I suspect foul treachery used in the forging of these bonds.
I do not trust these simple chains, I will not be bound again,
Lest one of you is brave enough to place your fist between my fangs."
.. ..
As Tyr stepped up and raised his fist, a sacrifice to the beast,
Between his jowls he placed a hand, the wielder of his sword.
Gleipnir was pulled across his chest and the wolf was bound from tail to head
And the god of war lost his hand for the safety of both gods and men
.. ..
The sound of feline footsteps, the sinews of a bear
The spittle of a bird and a fish's gasp for air
The beard of a woman and the roots of mountains deep
I know dark elves came to earth and made Gleipnir from these things
.. ..
And now the spawn of Loki waits for the day he is set free
He knows one day that stone will break and Gleipnir is released
And when he charges onto Vigrid, he searches for his kill
Odin Allfather will be swallowed whole and eaten for a meal
But Vidar will avenge his death, and rip his jaws asunder
The lord of beasts, the Fenris wolf shall torment us no longer!
Track Name: Folkvang
I fight until I die!

As I charge through the field
Impaling christians with my spear
In halls up high Gods now watch
the lives of men crumble to dust
Corpses cover the land
Ravens picking at their flesh
Wounded suffer and beg to die
Their freedom is death!

With my sword now in hand
I shed their blood on my father’s land
“Take this offering of blood
In Odin’s name for the Asa-gods!”
May my deeds bring my fathers pride
And favor among the gods up high
Let the ravens tell the tale
Go! Sing my name in Odin’s ear!

When I die where will I go?
Something only Odin knows
Will a Valkyrie take me away
For an eternity in Valhall to stay?
A mighty force comes from above
I collapse in my own blood
Consciousness goes dark then black
A sword pushed through my back!

Freyja chooses first
her half of the slain
I feel her warm embrace
I’m headed to Folkvang

Freyja, goddess of the slain
Queen of harvest (Agile Huntress), Fertile Dame,
Great host of souls in Folkvang,
We Hail you Vanadis!
Track Name: Garmr Bays Loudly Before Gnipahellir
Mighty Yggdrasil quakes through nine worlds
Gjallhorn blasts its loud cal
lThe sun turns blood red and the sky grows black
Einherjar march out of Valhall

Garmr bays loudly before Gnipahellir,
Breaks his fetters and freely runs
The fates I fathom, yet farther I see:
Of the mighty gods the engulfing doom.

Axe-age, Sword-age
Shields are torn asunder
Wind-age, Wolf-age
Ere the world crumbles;

Brothers will battle to bloody end
sister’s sons will their sib betray
Woes in the world, much wantonness
The spear of no man shall spare the other

Garmr bays loudly before Gnipa cave,
Breaks his fetters and freely runs
The fates I fathom, yet farther I see:
Of the mighty gods the engulfing doom.

Hrym sails from the east, holding his shield;
In wrath Jormungandr doth writhe
Hræsvelgr screams as he gnashes the dead
Naglfar loosens, the end has arrived

Surt comes from the South wielding the Singer-of-Twigs,
The war god’s sword shines like the sun
The mountains collapse, the trolls stagger down
Men fare to Hel, the heavens rive.
Track Name: An Oath Sworn Upon Ullr's Ring
I fight the snow
As I journey to Ullr’s sacred shrine
To make my oath
And cast my ring into Jorth
In Ullr’s name!
I swear these things
May my words be bound
Within this ring

God of the winter!
Lord of the bow!
Let my voice ring in your ears!
Grant me the strength to stay true to my word
Know that my speech is sincere!

Eternally true I hold to this oath
To protect my faith, kin, and home
‘Gainst foes of the spirit and foes of the flesh
And those who would do my folk harm
Ullr I call you to witness this pledge
And see that my actions take form
I swear my allegiance to you, frosted one
On my honor this future is born

Guide my arrow through their skulls
Hunt them down
Rid these Christians from our lands
One and all

Hail Ullr!
Arrow of truth striking swiftly upon false words!
Keeper of Vows!
May you look upon me with your glance of mighty pride!

Hail Ullr!
King of the cold, herald of the frosty night
Bringer of snow
Blanket of ice spread all across midgard mide

Sliding down the mountainside upon his hallowed skis
He chases after wild game and hunts within the trees
His yew bow draws again to strike the prey falls to the ground
The huntsman gathers what is his, the reindeer’s antler crown


God of the winter!
Lord of the bow!
Let my voice ring in your ears!
Grant me the strength to stay true to my word
Know that my speech is sincere!
Take this arm ring
As my sacrifice
Award me your courageous might
My bow is now drawn and my mind is alert
For the Aesir and Vanir I fight

An oath sworn upon Ullr’s ring
To regain our northern lands
As it was said, may it be done
Our Wyrd is written in blood

Hail Ullr!
Son of Fair Sif, stepson of Thor
King of the snow
Guide my bow!
Track Name: Kong Hydnes Haug
Yst i ran mektige Norafjorn, frao gudn Nor si ti.
Yst i Lomeldi,
heimsta Slind vart 'a pao Hydneshaugen i ran sista helfti ao ra fjera aorhondra lakt ain haug før ain windir.
Ai mannalaonge kjista ao stain so alder breste.
I kjistao ve hass høgre sia ait laongsverd laog, ai spenna ao bråns kappao hass hildt,
Ve fotendn to lairka me bisk.
Utafø kjistao ve venstre gavlvaiggj, to spjut laog klar, håve vendt mot vest.
Alt ti feri...
Men i førra aorhondra ottao børja, uvitande menn me hoga fø jor,
rødde vekk fjortan aorhondra sjilefri i trihondra børe me stain.
Uvitande dai va om ottao, gudadn sitt raseri skapte.
Dan ivigvarande ottao so framleis herska haimst i Slind dan dag i dag.
Dar e ai bysle stemning, ait mørke follt ao kjainsle,
guda so kan ta frao reg da ain traingje meste, ait sinnelag.
Framleis ha maonge otta før å ferdast mødlo Saoknardalr å Laikvangir itte kvelda fitabil.
Kong Hydnes haug...